Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Plans

Here is a sketch and a drawing.

Checking the Area

Here are some photos of the area I'm looking into. I took a trip to see what kind of houses were around, lots available and the beach. It's a great little town, close to a much larger one, Piriapolis and the beach is fantastic.
I've been meeting with a friend who has priced some lots with a Realtor. If I can build some inexpensive houses, sharing a lot (I can) he and two other families will pool their funds.
He liked the drawings and was happy that so much research had gone into it. The ball is in their court.
We have talked a bit more, trying to choose materials that are the least toxic, most resistant to the elements and at a price we can live with.
We know some items may increase and/or we may end up with some discounts for buying materials in bulk. I have narrowed down the costs as much as possible at this stage.
I'd like to begin this project in August. The weather will be lousy, but we'd be finishing up just as summer begins.
If anyone would like a modest cabin by a beautiful beach, just let me know. 

1. A building site.
2. Clearing the brush (no small task).
3. Nearby street.
4. Facing the ocean. You can see white sand dunes just at the end.
5. Same street the other way. Lots of land available and just a block or two from the beach.
6. Street signs.